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Revisoría Fiscal / Auditoría NIIF / Financiero / Valoración

It is our goal that this service provides our clients with the certainty that their accounting and financial information is properly managed and guarded, in such a way that not only complies with legal requirements, but also allows them to make timely and accurate decisions about their business.

This service is provided in an integral way, so that it covers both the accounting, tax and legal aspects of the company. When we need some additional advice due to the complexity of the same, we have expert advisers in the different aspects of the business. Our constant updating in the regulations of our profession, especially in tax matters, gives added value to our work, since in addition to applying them in the company advised, we always harmonize them with the effects that these can produce in the partners or shareholders of the company.

The company must provide us with the information in a suitable way, to facilitate the processing of the documentation; additionally in the office, we will be permanently available for any consultation on the subject and in this way to guarantee an orderly, timely and reliable information.

Suitable professionals, who meet with the client periodically to analyze the results and to follow up timely of these and all the aspects that are required to evaluate, duly supervise this process. We prepare accounting and tax reports, which are required both for shareholders, management and different control entities, in addition to continuous monitoring of results, in order to propose strategies to minimize taxes.

We also provide support in the areas of labor, trade, foreign trade, projects, costs, whenever they are within our reach. If they merit further study, we have suitable professionals to whom the consultation can be transmitted.

Service Portfolio 

  • Outsourcing of the accounting process.
  • Accounting consultancy provided directly at the client's premises.

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