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Tax obligations must be handled with clarity and efficiency to find every available opportunity within the framework of the law while maintaining an absolute level of respect for it. This, in turn, benefits our clients by facilitating their business development and avoiding any risks as our tax management services are measured in quality, calm, and security that allows our clients to take the right decisions.

Our tax expertise allows us to provide high quality services focused on opportunity and continuous monitoring.

Not only do we deliver an idea based on our knowledge, but we also manage our projects.

Service Portfolio 

Tax Advice

  • Counseling and ongoing planning for national and international taxes.
  • Advice and planning of tax returns for both natural and legal persons.
  • Advice on interpretation and application of double taxation treaties.

International Law

  • Creation, mergers, transformation and acquisition of companies.
  • Advice on particular analysis application of double taxation agreements.
  • Registration of foreign investments.
  • Exchange advice.
  • Compliance with legal obligations for foreign investors in Colombia.

Tax Compliance Services

  • Strategic review of national and municipal taxes.
  • Adviseon activities requiring accounting support.

Accompaniment before competent authorities

  • Preparation and processing of tax returns.
  • Preparation and review of exogenous information.

Transfer Pricing

  • Preparation of transfer pricing studies.
  • Preparation and strategic review of declarations and supporting documentation.
  • Tax advice regarding the interpretation and application of the Colombian Transfer Pricingregime.

Tax Litigation

  • Support in the preparation of responses to tax authorities requiring information.
  • Attention to litigation in gubernatorial route and before contentious jurisdiction.

Tax Audits

  • Audits of tax and legal aspects.

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