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As human resources are an essential part of your company, knowledge of regulations on labor issues is essential for today’s organizations GLT GESTIÓN LEGAL Y TRIBUTARIA counts with trained professionals who are able to provide ongoing advice on labor matters, and continually contribute towards the growth of your business.

Based on our knowledge of the human resources area, its specific needs, and its strategic role within organizations, we seek to provide our clients with a permanent consultancy that seeks to minimize occupational risks and optimize resource management.

Our team has extensive experience advising national and international companies on labor issues. We focus on advising domestic and foreign clients in regards to personnel recruitment, the management of individual and collective relations, the implications of the implementation of working contracts in Colombia, and the adoption of labor policies, among others.

Service Portfolio

  • The implementation of recruitment strategies, remuneration, compensation and extralegal benefits.
  • Support in processes and disciplinary decisions, just cause for dismissal, structuring retirement plans, and employment relation termination strategies.
  • The structuring of employment contracts in its various forms and clauses, according to the specific charges and roles.
  • The design and development of internal regulations, such as manuals and policies as useful and efficient tools for the management of labor relations.
  • Due diligence processes and assistance in operations that involve employer substitution or transfer of employment contracts because of company integrations, mergers or acquisitions.
  • Attention to audit processes by the UGPP.

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